Opera omnia &: Vol.1 Istolgia normale (1870-1883) Vol. 2 Istologia normale (1883-1902) Vol. 3 Patologia hererale e Isto-patologia (1868-1894). CAMILLO GOLGI.

Opera omnia &: Vol.1 Istolgia normale (1870-1883) Vol. 2 Istologia normale (1883-1902) Vol. 3 Patologia hererale e Isto-patologia (1868-1894).

Milan: Hoepli, 1903-1925. 1/2 Leather. Three Volumes. Folio. Modern half green leatherette and marble boards. Collation: Vol. 1- xii, 1-393pp + portrait and 21 plates; Vol. 2- viii, 397-735 pp. + 21 plates; Vol. 3 - viii, 737-1257 pp. + 9 plates. The binding, text and plates are in very good condition. The sewing of the plates occasionally has a thread passing through a small hole in some of the plates. This does not affect viewing of the image. This work was originally issued in stiff paper boards and has been rebound. There was a fourth volume, Sovitti su orgamenti variee 1903-1925, that was published in 1929. Very Good. Item #000024

The present set of volumes provides an extensive collection of Golgi's major works on neurons and numerous other cells as well as his research on malaria. Golgi introduced a selective silver stain that stained individual neuronal cells and a discrete reticulate structure inside cells, subsequently called the Golgi Apparatus. With his staining method, Golgi was able to study "of the finer anatomy of the nervous system. Using this technique, he identified Golgi's Type I and Type II nerve cells and did other detailed studies of the cerbrum, spinal cord, and olfactory system. Golgi later determined the correct course of the uriniferous tubules and their relation to the glomeruli of the kidney. In 1886, only a few years after Laveran's discovery of the malaria parasite, Golgi described the parasites of the tertian and quartan fevers and their nonsexual development. Together with Ramón y Cajal, Golgi was awarded the Nobel prize in 1906 for their many contributions into man's understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system." (Heirs of Hipporcrates, p. 611 no. 2056) .This is an exceptionally scarce publication of Golgi's research, much of which only appeared as journal articles, with only 350 copies printed.

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