Annales de l'Institut Pasteur (Journal de Microbiologie) - Tome Premier, 1887

Paris: G. Masson, 1888. Quarter black morocco. 8vo (23.9 x 15.2 cm) Quarter black morocco and marble boards. Spine with raised bands, gilt bordered panels, gilt title and date in separate panels; Some ware along edges of boards. Collation: [IV],622, [1-Table of plates] p. + 15 plates, first of which has original photographs of bacteria growing in test tubes glued to page for the article by Nogard & Roux on culture of tuberculose bacteria. Very Good. Item #0000555

This is a scarce bound first volume of the Annales de l'Institut Pasteur which contains numerous original articles, reviews of recent publications in other journals and analyses. As a journal dedicated to microbiology, there are many contributions to study of microbes and vaccination against infections particularly rabies. This first volume was edited by Chamberland, Granger, Nocard, Roux and Straus who also made contributions during the year. Letter from Pasteur to M. Duclaux,"Lettre de M. Pasteur sur la Rage,"(pp.1-18); Articles by "Metchnikoff , "Sur L'Attenuation des Bacteridies Charbonneuses," (pp. 42-44) and "Sur la Lutte des Cellules de L'Organisme Contre L'Invasion des Microbes (Theorie des Phagocytes), (pp. 321-336); Nocard et Roux, "Sur la Culture du Bacille de La Tuberculose," (pp19-29), Roux "Sur la Cultue des Microbes Anaerobies," (pp.51-62), Laveran, "Des Hematozoaires du Paludisme," (pp.266-288) and numerous other articles and reviews pertinent to bacterial infections, particularly rabies. Of the different reviews of articles published in other journals, there are two reviews by E. Wasserzug on recent publications by E. Metchnikoff, "De la lute entre les cellules et le microorganism de l'erysipele. (Virchow's Archiv. Fur path. Anat. u. Physiol. Bd 107, p.209-249. 1887) on pp. 197-200 and "Les Phygocytes dans la fievre recurrente (Virchow's Archiv. Bd. 109, p.176-193) on pp. 503-506. Of particular note is the article by Metchnikoff on his theory of phagocytosis which had appeared in Virchow's Archiv…. In 1887. There is a foot note for this article which points out that the editors had contacted Metchnikoff about his recent publication on phagocytosis. He in turn replied with the article for this first year of the journal that includes unpublished data.

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