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[Dundee, Scotland]: 1754-1756. Contemporary wrinkled vellum. 8vo (20.3 x 15.3 cm). Contemporary wrinkled vellum binding brown paper notebook; stitching of notebook to vellum broken in places along spine, but still mostly intact. The note book has two brown covers. The front outer cover has alphabet written in calligraphic style whereas the rear cover has only Scott's name. Collation: [2- repeated calligraphic lines of identical text], 18,17-54, 54-81, [pp.82-83 removed], 84, [9], [4-blank], [5-pp.2, 3 blank, folded leaf], [2-repeated calligraphic lines of identical text] pp. Scott's name and date are written at tail of page 2, i.e. "Robert Scott, 1754." His name is also present on last leaf with the date 1756. There are stains, dusting and some foxingThis manuscript is organized under Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Reduction. The remaining text contains large section of Rule of Three, the Double Rule of Three, Proof of Golden Rule and Rule of Practice. These sections contain both theory and practical use of mathematical principles as needed for commerce. Some examples from the text: "Arithmetic is an Art or Science that teacheth us the dexterous handling of Numbering and hath five more principal or fundamental Rules, with Numeration, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, of which in Order~~~ Numeration teaches…" (Page "1", on 2nd leaf). "Addition of Troy Height/ In which observe that, 24 Grains by this weight are weigh'd 20 Pnt… Jewels, Gold, Silver, Pearls… Electuaries and Liquors." (P4) "The Double Rule of Three: If at any time you have a Question given in the Rule of Three Repeated and the first and Second Number in every Operation be the Same you may contract your Work, by dividing the second Number by the first, and the Quotient will be a common Multiplication by which you may multiply all your third Numbers… Ques'3 A, B, C, and D, have 100 Pounds Sterling to be Divided among them…" [p. 88]." At the end of the manuscript is a drawn up payment from Mr. Scott and William Brown to Alexander Watt. Last page has two mathematical word problems. Despite the condition of the binding and text pages, this manuscript presents clear mathematical computation for practical business/ commerce activities. Scott had written this manuscript in 1754 and added the word problems in 1756. A very scarce mathematical manuscript containing important mathematical principles and applications to commerce. Good +. Item #0000637

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