[18th Century Royal Family Ciphering Book].

England: Manuscript, [1732-1734.]. Reverse Calf. Folio. Royal emblazoned binding in contemporary calf; boards with blind roll-stamps and fleurons, coat of arms in the middle; spine laid down retaining label with raised bands and decorated panels, some loss to top of original spine and along the hinges; red sprinkled edges. This extensive manuscript appears designed for private tutoring young men of ` Mathematical Calculations, Navigation and so on. There are a number of blank pages at the rear, possibly for use by student for exercise calculations.
This is a rare important manuscript that covers major areas of science essential in the training of a young prince destined to be in the Royal Navy.
Provenance: Coat of Arms has moto: “Dieu et mon droit.”. Very good. Item #0000814

“The motto is French for literally "God and my right", meaning that the king is "Rex Angliae Dei gratia": King of England by the grace of God. It is used to imply that the monarch of a nation has a God-given (divine) right to rule.
For the Royal coat of arms of the Kingdom of England to have a French rather than English motto was not unusual, given that Norman French was the primary language of the English Royal Court and ruling class following the rule of Willia the Conqueror of Normandy and later the Plantagenets. Another Old French phrase also appears in the full achievement of the Royal Arms.” (Wikipedia).
“Dieu et mon droit (French for God and my right, referring to the monarch's divine right to govern) has generally been used as the motto of the British monarch since it was adopted by Henry V (1413-1422). Originally it was spelled Dieut et mon droict, the early Modern French spelling, but later the 't' in "Dieut" and the 'c' in "droict" were taken out in accordance with present French orthography. To this day, this motto is emblazoned on the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.
A French motto rather than English was chosen because the English language had only recently replaced French as the language of the English ruling classes. Henry, though of English parentage, spoke French and had claimed the title of King of France, which claims were acceded to after his military campaigns in France.”(DavidiCKE.com).

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